Empfitin5If you are anything like me, you are not far from throwing in the towel succumbing to an overwhelming downward spiral and the darkness of the outside powers of life…yet you are wondering if there is anything out there that will bring you back to that wonder woman you once knew.

If improving your mind and body is at all important to you stick with me for just a little bit longer.

Hello ladies, I am Jennifer Hernandez and I have been working with women and moms just like you, online and in person for 7 years.

I Join me as I walk you through some surprising reasons about why you have not seen the results you have been seeking and get to the bottom of why you have been in this downward spiral for so long and even better…empower you as this program fills you with the hope that those results you have been waiting for are in reach and more than achievable.

Have you ever dieted and dieted with no avail, and ughhh alas that belly fat still stubbornly and saggy butt still seems to stick around?

And…you work even harder to complete many rounds of ab exercises or sadly even more long hours of cardio, and again ughhh..Nothing!

And how about this, have you started and stopped more diets and workout plans than you care to count, because frankly they are just too hard to stick to for the busy woman’s lifestyle. You always feel like you are left, MORE physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted and unmotivated than when you started.

Honestly, does this sound at all like you? Your connection to any of these statements are really quite revealing….the root of all these failed attempts is within you.

Hold on….now before you get upset and go back to that ugly cycle of guilt and shame, you need to be aware of this surprising fitness fact.

It’s absolutely disheartening, but true. Almost every fat loss “solution” on the market is actually setting you up for failure. Frustrating right?

The alarming statistic is that the OBESITY EPIDEMIC hit an ALL TIME HIGH in the United States, with 1/3 of WOMEN in the US be classified as Obese by the CDC.

Despite new gyms, new workouts, and many fat loss systems out their with ‘no commitment’ incentives along with slick & cleverly labeled “healthy foods”. If this is the case, why are we finding that us women are only getting bigger, fatter, sadder, and more unhealthy daily??

If you didn’t know about the failure rate, well now you know and the best part. You are now not naively floundering around any longer.

The majority of the weight loss programs on the market do not take into account the unique challenges busy women face, while respecting you starting point, your mental health, the societal pressures, your areas of strength, and all the daily pressures of being a superwoman.

This means that other programs often provide false hope, unrealistic expectations, rigid demands, and perpetuating the hopeless guilt ridden cycle of failure.

this my fellow empowered woman is one of the biggest reasons WHY you have struggled for so long!

No wonder why you are so frustrated! You have been putting your time, energy, and efforts all into plans not focused on you. I have great news for you that changes NOW! .

I will give you facts about what it takes to get amazing results you have been searching for so that you can started on this empowered journey in becoming the best… Read more…

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